Wool prices at a record high

As knowledge of Merino’s valuable properties is no longer confined to a bunch of outdoor-sports nerds, demand for the material is rising.

The global push for sustainability, and the focus on renewable resources, is putting Merino in the spotlight, and it’s becoming increasingly popular with both fashion and sports-apparel designers.

The swelling global demand lifted wool prices by almost a third in 2017 to the highest level on record and the trend is expected to continue.

The new use of Merino wool in sneakers by Adidas, Nike and other brands has contributed to the upward pressure on prices. Meanwhile, the supply is limited.

In this online shop, and in the brick and mortar shop in Ricany, Czech Republic, I have been able to contain a large part of the increase mainly thanks to pre-stocking. But this won’t last for long if costs continue to rise as expected.  Seize the opportunity while it lasts and take advantage of these amazing prices.