The tale of a skier’s smelly socks

As much as I hate talking about myself, it’s kind of hard to explain why I opened this shop without doing so, which includes talking about my stinky socks.

In the first decade of the century, I was a crazy Telemark skier and party animal, living in Austria’s upscale ski resort, St. Anton am Arlberg, enjoying the carefree lifestyle of an off-piste ski guide.

I’d skied since my early childhood, starting on the slopes of Hemsedal in Norway (where I grew up) and later moving on to Aspen, Colorado for a few seasons before becoming the resident ski bum of St. Anton.

Since my entire life revolved around skiing, I knew very well how to dress efficiently for long days on the slopes- which usually ended in one of St. Anton’s legendary après-ski bars and, more often than not, late at night.

One thing that really bothered me during those years was getting home after a day like that and the fresh pair of socks I had put on that morning stank as if I had been wearing them for days without washing. I would have to throw the socks out on the balcony to prevent the foul smell from pervading the entire apartment.

That was until the day when my Australian friend Jamie handed me a pair of XTM Merino socks and told me to try them. I did as I was told, and when I got home that night- after another busy day of skiing and partying- I took my shoes off and was amazed to find out there was no stench at all.

I couldn’t believe it! I began to learn about Merino and its amazing properties that continue to fascinate me and fill me with confidence that I’m selling something great.