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The tale of the “smart” fibre

If I were to describe Merino wool in one word, I’d choose the word “smart”. Smart is a word normally associated with high-tech, man-made materials and reflects their ability to react to the environment. That’s exactly what Merino does only it’s natural. It’s a clever combination of highly-functional properties which makes the Merino fibre look […]

Learning from the champions

Australia’s XTM Performance has set itself an ambitious target: to cater to the most demanding in its category, winter sports champions and racers. The outdoor-gear maker’s founder, Peter Forras, looked to his own professional skiing past, including downhill and downhill combined races in the 1986 Winter Olympics in Calgary, for inspiration. Pete had his designers […]

Wool prices at a record high

As knowledge of Merino’s valuable properties is no longer confined to a bunch of outdoor-sports nerds, demand for the material is rising. The global push for sustainability, and the focus on renewable resources, is putting Merino in the spotlight, and it’s becoming increasingly popular with both fashion and sports-apparel designers. The swelling global demand lifted […]